Welcome to Zimbabwe

Welcome to Zimbabwe

The land of jacarandas

“Hello and welcome to Zimbabwe. My name is Godfrey and this is my friend, Florence.

SMV Village drawing

We were both brought up at SOS Children’s Village in Waterfalls, Zimbabwe. We're proud to welcome visitors to our country, a land of beautiful jacaranda trees and great music."

Godfrey is proud of the fact he is now at college studying music. He plays the marimba, a type of xylophone. With the help of other children, Godfrey has made a video telling the story of how he was given the chance to pursue his passion for music – watch ‘Zero to Hero’ in Children’s Tales.

Discover Zimbabwe

Tobacco is Zimbabwe’s most valuable crop and was the top agricultural export in 2009.

Mining provides jobs for only around 5% of the workforce, but the sector brings in a third of the country’s export earnings. Gold, platinum and other metal alloys are mined, and also coal.

Due to the country’s economic difficulties, it is estimated that perhaps only 10-20% of Zimbabweans are in formal jobs.

Child-headed households are common in Zimbabwe. Over a million children have lost either one or both parents, mainly due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Zimbabwe is made up of a series of plateaus and mountains, with stretches of land known as the High-, Middle- and Low Veld regions.

From the 11th – 15th centuries, the Shona peoples thrived in a prosperous society. A huge city rose up at the centre of the Shona empire, which is known as Great Zimbabwe.

Diseases resulting from poor sanitation are also a serious health issue; for example, Zimbabwe suffers from regular outbreaks of cholera.

Around 1 million Zimbabweans aged 15 or above (14% of the adult population) are infected with HIV/AIDS and life expectancy is just 49 years.