Riddled with rivers

If you look at a detailed map of Angola, you’ll see the country has many rivers. They carry water down from the high plateau land in the centre.

Extensive mangroves

Mangroves grow as far south as the Catumbelo river mouth, just south of Lobito – see Map. From here, the waters become too cold with the influence of the Benguela current. Mangroves provide important habitats for birds and fish, as well as helping to protect coastlines from erosion.

Along the western side of the country, rivers such as the Kwanza flow into the Atlantic. The River Zenza is another example near to the capital, exiting into the Atlantic at the Bay of Bengo. As along other parts of the coast, the estuaries here are full of mangroves.

To the north, many of Angola’s rivers flow into the mighty Congo River.

To the east, some of Angola’s rivers drain into the equally mighty Zambezi River. Others, notably the Kubango River, feed into the Okavango River and its delta in Botswana, the largest inland delta in the world – see more in Botswana Geography & Wildlife.