The colours of nature

Elodie and Louis-Marie talk to Fatille Evah who lives along the Nyong River in the village of Ebogo. The Evah family make their living from collecting insects and butterflies and selling them to the tourists who travel along the river.

Cameroon has over 1,000 species of butterfly (compared to a mere 55 or so in the UK). This represents more than a quarter of the total number of butterfly species found in the tropical regions of Africa.

Many are brightly-coloured, like the turquoise and black butterflies you can see on the ground in the video. These are Common Striped Swordtails (Graphium policenes), which are part of the Swallowtail family of butterflies (Papilionidae). As you can tell from the name 'Common' and the numbers in the video, these butterflies are not difficult to find in Cameroon.

Beetles are also prized by collectors. Cameroon has some unique insects, such as the goliath beetle (Formasinius aureosparsus), which is 45-63mm in size.

According to their rarity, certain beetles sell for 30,000 francs (around 60 dollars or 40 British pounds). Have a look at the amazing colours of the beetles Fatille shows Elodie and Louis-Marie.