Nyong River

Nyong River

A river trip into the forest

Tourists take the local pirogues, flat-bottomed wooden boats, down the River Nyong, to view the rain forests.

Along the way, visitors stop off at some of the villages situated along the river. Here, many families rely on tourism to earn a living – see the Butterflies video.

The Nyong River rises in the southwest, deep in the forests, and flows east through Cameroon to the Atlantic Ocean. Many villages lie along its route, as well as larger towns such as Mbalmayo, around 45km south of the capital Yaoundé.

Louis-Marie and Elodie travel down the river with their guide Desire. Watch the video to hear Desire talking about the river and surrounding forest.

Louis-Marie has never been in the depths of a forest before and he’s thrilled to have this experience.